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Record which fields of CSS animations / transitions have been overridden by script and ignore changes from style


(Core :: DOM: Animation, enhancement, P3)




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firefox61 --- affected


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After bug 1456394 lands, there will no longer be any *ReadOnly interfaces. So, what should happen if script modifies the properties attached to a CSSAnimation / CSSTransition?

This will ultimately need to be specced in css-animations-2 / css-transitions-2 but having discussed this with Apple and Google we agree that if you override a property from script, the script-set value should prevail. In future, we may add API to reset/detect this case but for now it doesn't appear to be necessary.

In this bug we should implement that behavior. Until we ship getAnimations() this behavior won't be shipped, however, so this doesn't need to be blocked on the spec work (although hopefully spec shouldn't be too far behind, and ideally ahead).
Priority: -- → P3
Blocks: 1460554
Depends on: 1466031
Depends on: 1467344
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