Open Bug 1463434 (libfuzzer-ipc) Opened 5 years ago Updated 8 months ago

[meta] bugs found while fuzzing with libFuzzer IPC fuzzer


(Core :: Fuzzing, defect)




Tracking Status
firefox62 --- affected


(Reporter: Alex_Gaynor, Unassigned)


(Depends on 1 open bug, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta, sec-other)

Meta bug for tracking the findings of the IPC fuzzing with libFuzzer (including ones that were co-found with other IPC security efforts).
Blocks: fuzz
Keywords: meta, sec-other
Depends on: 1464194
Group: core-security → dom-core-security
Depends on: 1465162
Depends on: 1465860
Depends on: 1465898
Depends on: 1392739
At this point I think it'd be ok for this bug to be made public. There's nothing actually secret in it, now that the fuzzer itself is landed.
Flags: needinfo?(dveditz)
Group: dom-core-security
Flags: needinfo?(dveditz)
Depends on: 1469309
Depends on: 1469879
Depends on: 1469914
Depends on: 1470181
Depends on: 1470890
Depends on: 1470897
Depends on: 1471312
Depends on: 1475235
Depends on: 1486030
Depends on: 1487091
Depends on: 1487148
Depends on: 1490415
Depends on: 1544526
Depends on: 1544532
Depends on: 1568052
Depends on: 1568047
Type: enhancement → defect
Severity: normal → S3
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