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[meta] Support OS-level secret-keeping


(Core :: Security: PSM, enhancement, P3)

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(Keywords: meta, Whiteboard: [psm-tracking])

This meta-bug tracks designing and then implementing an interface for generating, storing, and retrieving secrets from the operating systems on which Firefox runs.
See Also: → 1464827
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [psm-tracking]
What is the use case for this feature?
> What is the use case for this feature?

This is going to be used for passwords stored in Firefox to start with (and should be used for all sensitive data Firefox puts on the hard drive in future).
AIUI, the first project to use this feature will be web payments, in order to store credit card data more securely. I believe that password storage will happen after we deploy this feature for web payments.
Blocks: 1556794
Alias: oskeystore
Depends on: 1562324
Assignee: franziskuskiefer → nobody
Priority: P3 → --
Priority: -- → P3
Depends on: 1498909
See Also: → 1695998
Severity: normal → S3

This is more a "feature request" than a bug report, but I strongly plead in favor of moving from "Primary password" (that most people don't activate and don't even know it exists ) to a platform protection when available, transparently activated instead.

Our company will probably move from Firefox to another browser because of that...

Depends on: 1586072
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