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Review fennec emulator unit tests


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Fennec unit tests - like robocop, mochitests, reftests - run in continuous integration on emulators on aws and have run with little modification over the last year.

Platforms are seen on treeherder as:
Android 4.2 x86 opt
Android 4.3 API16+ opt
Android 4.3 API16+ debug

A full test set amounts to about 300 tasks, although that includes 140 js-reftests, which are often optimized out.

With the advent of bitbar and becoming available this year, we should evaluate:
 - can some of the existing tests be eliminated?
 - can some of the existing tests be moved to, or perhaps bitbar?
Re-triaging per

Needinfo :susheel if you think this bug should be re-triaged.
Priority: P1 → P5
Blocks: 1425322
Depends on: 1498289, 1500509
Priority: P5 → P2
Depends on: 1508713
See Also: → 1522221
Depends on: 1526521
See Also: → 1318091
No longer depends on: 1500509


  • retired 4.2 x86 test platform
  • retired geckoview_example smoketest
  • moved Marionette tests from Android 4.3 to Android x86_64 7.0

Pending victories:

  • cppunit, xpcshell, and geckoview-junit can be moved from Android 4.3 to x86_64 7.0 once blocking issues are resolved

We have also had great discussions about the remaining Android 4.3 tests.

  • robocop, mochitests, reftests, and crashtests provide important test coverage for fennec; they cannot be discontinued until fennec support is discontinued
  • jsreftests provide important test coverage for core js code on armv7; going forward, we will arrange for capacity on bitbar to run these tests on armv7 hardware, likely via geckoview TRA; until then, these tests will continue to run on the 4.3 emulator.

It is anticipated that fennec support will be discontinued (except for esr) later this year, at which time any remaining 4.3 emulator tests will be stopped on trunk.

There's no "active" work remaining here -- we just need to wait for blocking issues to resolve themselves, as covered by other bugs.

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