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allow setting favicon when creating discarded tabs


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Is any chance that this bug will be solved soon?

This bug was also probably mentioned in Bug 1378647 comment 39.
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With tabs.create() recently getting support for createProperties.discarded in FF63, session manager add-ons can now restore large sessions with very little resources and very quickly when using this method.  However, the real eyesore is after said session is restored, every tab has the default favicon until the tab is made active to load the actual favicon.  The author of "Tab Session Manager" is aware of the situation but needs the ability to restore the session favicons via this API.

The addition of createProperties.discarded is a great improvement, but the UX can be greatly improved by supporting setting favicon when creating discarded tabs.
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Lots of power users are struggling with switching to Firefox Quantum because of poor native tab management. Web Extensions can only do so much (compared to XUL/XPCOM addons). Having no favicon on discarded tabs makes it unbearable when one restores session with hundreds of tabs via extension.

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Type: defect → enhancement
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