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Update Content Blocking Switch to be more accessible


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The off-state for the Content Blocking switch can be misconstrued as ON for some groups of users. Updating the style would alleviate this issue. 

Spec available here:
Thank you for improving accessibility of this important feature. :) I would like to add the following thought as it matches the bug title:

User Story:
This button advertises to enable full Tracking Protection in Firefox 62. There is media coverage and positive acknowledgement.
If one told their friends to just click the button in the main menu, they might now think that it's already enabled and wouldn't enable it elsewhere. Regular users mostly have already heard about the term "Tracking".

Actual Results:
One Firefox version later its function has been completely changed.
Now it has two functions:
* Disable all protections
* Let it enabled and don't have regular Tracking Protection

Expected Results:
We don't expect serious breakage by blocking Slow-Loading Trackers. One can easily disable the protection per web site or click on the main menu entry to change all Content Blocking settings. Disabling all protections shouldn't be advertised that prominently.
The main menu entry should be renamed to Tracking Protection.
* "Off" should mean "Default Content Blocking"
* "On" should mean "Content Blocking like in Private Browsing"
If you've clicked on "Tracking Protection" and disabled all Content Blocking on the settings page, the menu icon could be changed to the crossed out shield.
Whiteboard: [privacy-panel-64]
Depends on: 1490552
No longer depends on: 1490552
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [privacy-panel-64] → [privacy-panel]
We are removing this toggle in bug 1501977, hence we're not going to work on this.
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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