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set up birch to follow mozilla-central to enable declarative artifacts testing


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Not set


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(Reporter: mtabara, Assigned: bhearsum)



Sounds like birch[1] is not used by anyone right now so we can steal it to develop declarative artifacts stuff. Reason for this is that beetmover in-tree transforms changes will be very disruptive at the beginning so we need a different project branch than maple, where various folks from RelEng still test stuff and expect rather green graphs. 

This bug is to track the reset of birch (formerly used for RC tcmigration? I think?) in order it to follow mozilla-central. Something like our formerly known "date" project branch.

Ben is taking care of this, thanks!
Assignee: nobody → bhearsum
I think this is done now. It was already most of the way set-up in - I just merged central and fixed a small bug that I found that caused the decision task to fail (
I'll just note for posterity that the decision task failing is probably only for that push, because it includes so many changesets, and the subsequent pushes probably would have worked even without the change. (But the fix is reasonable in any case).
As far as we can tell, this is done! It's difficult to be certain until we start running tests, but we can file new bugs for any follow-up issues.
Closed: Last year
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