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[BinAST] Use WTF-8 in string encoding


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The string literal in binjs file is raw UTF-8 string which doesn't contain any escape sequence like \uXXXX, which means a lone surrogate should be representable there.
We can use WTF-8 as the string encoding in the binjs file.

related issue in binjs-ref
corresponds to
will ask review once binjs-ref is patched
Blocks: 1507368
This adds API for WTF-8 [1] that is used by BinAST parser which is fixed in Part 2.
  * add WTF8Chars
  * add AtomizeWTF8Chars
  * templatize methods/classes in CharacterEncoding.cpp to accept both UTF8Chars and WTF8Chars

given AtomizeWTF8Chars needs the exact same optimization added by bug 1494942,
I've cloned them by template.

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And just replaced the consumer in BinAST side.
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Part 2: Use WTF-8 as BinAST string encoding.

Review of attachment 9025228 [details] [diff] [review]:

Most complicated patch ever :)
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Part 1: Add AtomizeWTF8Chars.

Review of attachment 9025227 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: js/src/vm/CharacterEncoding.cpp
@@ +210,2 @@
>   */
> +template <typename InputCharsT>

Use class for this, because the parameter *is* always a class.  Same for the other InputCharsT below.

@@ +214,2 @@
>  {
>      MOZ_ASSERT(1 <= utf8Length && utf8Length <= 4);


  static_assert(std::is_same<InputCharsT, UTF8Chars>::value ||
                std::is_same<InputCharsT, WTF8Chars>::value,
                "must be either UTF-8 or WTF-8");

at top here.

@@ +404,2 @@
>  static void
> +CopyAndInflateUTF8IntoBuffer(JSContext* cx, const InputCharsT src, CharT *dst, size_t outlen, bool allASCII)

Put the * by CharT while you're touching.
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