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Remove @hudButton@ and @hudButtonPressed@ and improve bookmark panel styling


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Firefox 65
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They're only used in the bookmarks panel and the identity panel, also their styling is outdated.

Their usage could be replaced by a .panel-button class.
Hmm, this doesn't look quite right on Linux. I don't really have time to look into why, so feel free to take over this.
This should now be ready for review.
Flags: needinfo?(dao+bmo)
Note that this shouldn't change the styling on Linux or Windows. It should only affect MacOS.

Although it would be nice to have this styling ported to Linux/Windows too.
Assignee: nobody → ntim.bugs
Flags: needinfo?(dao+bmo)
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Remove @hudButton@ and @hudButtonPressed@. r=dao
Modernize MacOS bookmarking panel component styles. r=dao
Blocks: 1473922
Depends on: 1503379
Depends on: 1503381
Pushed by
Fix browser_all_files_referenced.js failures. r=me
Blocks: png-cleanup
Duplicate of this bug: 1495188
Blocks: 1459877
OS: Unspecified → Mac OS X
Summary: Remove @hudButton@ and @hudButtonPressed@ → Remove @hudButton@ and @hudButtonPressed@ and improve bookmark panel styling
Duplicate of this bug: 1478392
This bug removes toolkit/themes/osx/global/icons/panel-dropmarker.png, which seems to be used by TB.
Flags: needinfo?(richard.marti)
Thank you for the info, Tim.
Flags: needinfo?(richard.marti)
Blocks: 1442296
Depends on: 1504156
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