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6 months ago
It looks like the pre-filled text in our bug request is gone. Can we please have the following text pre-filled under any component under the Data Science product:

Brief Description of the request:

Any timelines for the request or how this fits into roadmaps:

Links to any assets (e.g Start of a PHD, BRD; any document that helps describe the project):

Name of Data Scientist (If Applicable):
You will need to use the bookmark I had. I don't have a way to include a template by default on a bug, but maybe we could link to the bookmark from bug entry flow?
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IIUC solving Bug 1252298 is a bit difficult because there’s no product-level delegation system in Bugzilla like GitHub repositories. I think we really need such a mechanism to reduce admin workload while empowering users, but it takes time to implement.

However it’s easy to add a bug comment template editor in editproducts.cgi like this so Emma or other admins can update templates anytime:

Wanna try this?
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I think we'd have to determine if that will be useful enough at the product level. It'd work for :jmoz's case, I think.
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Let’s solve this bug quickly through Bug 1510109 and revisit Bug 1252298 sometime next year :)

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5 months ago
It looks like the bug referenced above has been completed. Could I get a status on where we are with getting the description added? If I am supposed to add it could someone point me where to do it at?
Clarifying: I'll add the description once this aforementioned bug has been deployed. RESOLVED FIXED means code landed, but not that the code's live.

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5 months ago
Thanks Emma for clarifying!
Bug 1510109 has been deployed to production yesterday, as part of Bug 1513993 :)
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I've updated the default template for Data Science.
Last Resolved: 5 months ago
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Resolution: --- → FIXED

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5 months ago
Looks great, thank you!
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