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I'm proposing a feature for Bugzilla inspired by GitHub's Issue Template system. In a project on GitHub, one can add a dotfile to a project's .github directory which serves as a template for any bugs entered into that project's GitHub issues. https://help.github.com/articles/creating-an-issue-template-for-your-repository/

What I'd like to see is a flow like this:

A component's triage owner goes to an admin view on Bugzilla and enters or uploads a template file for bugs filed against the component. 

If no template is entered, the component uses a default template.

A bugzilla user filing a bug in that component, when entering the bug, will have a text field with the form template prefilled, or a form is generated (using a simple syntax) using the template.

This feature would enable two things: component owners could specify what information they need for a bug, and tweaking the bug entry forms would no longer require a bmo release cycle.

Template syntax: 

I'm proposing a simple syntax for templates.

Plain text would be displayed as a plain text instruction or guideline.

### Text would be text entry form element with the text as a heading.
providing component specific guidance/requirements to bug reporters sounds like an awesome idea, however i don't think that the suggested approach of pre-populating the comment box from a template meshes well with how bugzilla's enter_bug works.

the main problems are you can change the component after entering comment text, and a component isn't pre-selected when the page initially loads.  using the pre-filled comment approach means:

- if someone enters their comment first then selects a component, we cannot overwrite their existing comment
- if someone selects a component, fills it out based on the template and then changes the the component, they will be working off the wrong template

an alternative implementation that addresses these issues is to allow each component to be configured with static html that is displayed near the comment textarea.  this can be updated as the component is changed without interfering with entered data.
Priority: -- → P5
Another one to revisit in Q4 of 2016
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