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Promote new tp6-3, 4, 5, and 6 tests to tier 1


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Once we're satisfied with the results for the tests from bug 1503990 we should promote them to tier 1.
A few things to check/do:

- review how the new test suites (tp6-3, tp6-4, tp6-5, and tp6-6 have been performing as tier 2 on mozilla-central). Are they green consistently or are there issues to be solved first (i.e. frequent intermittent failures).

- does the data look consistent & stable (how noisy is the data compared to the other tp6* suites)

- trigger each new test suite with --gecko-profile and ensure the profiling job works and the resulting profiles can be opened in from the link in treeherder

- update the Raptor wiki with the test details (Bug 1505788)

- add the raw html pages (from playing back each new mitmproxy recording) to the perf-automation repo (also Bug 1505788)
Assignee: nobody → rwood
Blocks: 1473078
Triggered gecko-profiling jobs on Raptor tp6-3,4,5, and 6 on a central rev here:
I'd like to land a fix for intermittent Bug 1502032 first which is just a [taskcluster:error] Task aborted - max run time exceeded (need to increase the overall job time).

Also note that these new jobs (and other existing tp6-1 and tp6-2 jobs) on google chrome linux64 fail; this is a known issue (Bug 1495903) but we always leave Raptor google chrome jobs as tier 2 anyway, so that won't prevent us from moving tier 1 for Firefox.
Depends on: 1502032
Looking at data noise for these new Raptor tp6-3, 4, 5, and 6 jobs on mozilla-central: Bing (tp6-4) and Reddit (tp6-6) seem to fluctuate the most, at least from the limited numbers I looked at.

:jmaher, can you please remind me how I can get the noise factor for specific test jobs? I want to be sure Bing and Reddit aren't too noisy for automated regression detection.

If I do a perfherder compare of one mozilla-central job with others from the last 2 days (perfherder default) and narrow it down to 'raptor-tp6-bing-firefox' there's no noise factor available. Maybe this isn't the right method...
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Thanks :jmaher for the compare view link!

I don't see anything too concerning, a few high standard deviations on some configurations but they mostly look like outliers to me. I think we should go ahead and upgrade these to tier 1.
Summary: Promote tp6 tests to tier 1 → Promote new tp6-3, 4, 5, and 6 tests to tier 1
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Promote new tp6-3, 4, 5, and 6 tests to tier 1; r=jmaher
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