Open Bug 1512153 Opened Last year Updated Last year

Use ES Classes for protocol.js Actors


(DevTools :: Framework, enhancement, P3)



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(Reporter: ochameau, Unassigned)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


Similarly to bug 1510949, we can convert all protocol.js Actors to use ES Classes.
It should be easier as there is no custom/preEvent special cases.
And it should help implementing actor inheritance for the target actors.
Blocks: 1512154
Duplicate of this bug: 1510951
In bug 1512154, I had to workaround the fact that Actors weren't using ES Classes yet.
Because of that I had to duplicate Pool's contructor into Actor.initialize method:
    // Repeat Pool.constructor here as we can't call it from initialize
    // This is to be removed once actors switch to es classes and are able to call
    // Actor's contructor.
    if (conn) {
      this.conn = conn;
We should remember here to remove that and instead call super(conn) once initialize becomes Actor.constructor.
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