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Enable Visual Viewport API by default on Android


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I.e. flip "dom.visualviewport.enabled" to true by default.

As far as I can see, this won't be required for internal session store/history usage, though, because
a) I intend to use some additional internal events that don't require listening on the VisualViewport object
b) there already are some internal helper methods for getting the visual viewport offset without going through the VisualViewport object
Blocks: 1514429
Alias: visual-viewport-api
Depends on: 1543485
Blocks: 1543553

Kats, what do you think about making dom.visualviewport.enabled conditional on apz.allow_zooming (and, until bug 1459260 is resolved, dom.meta-viewport.enabled)?

The motivation for this is that correct updating of the visual viewport properties and dispatching of events and such currently relies on MobileViewportManager. We'd have to add new codepaths if we wanted e.g. visual viewport resize events to be fired without apz.allow_zooming=true.

Seeing as the motivating uses of the Visual Viewport API involve zooming, and even if we added such non-zooming codepaths now, they'd go way when we implemented desktop zooming, it seems to me that doing so would be rather pointless.


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That seems reasonable to me.

Flags: needinfo?(kats)
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No longer depends on: 1549622
No longer depends on: 1543485
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Enable the Visual Viewport API on Android. r=kats
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Updating bug title to reflect that the enablement by default happened on Android only for now.

Enablement by default on desktop is tracked in bug 1551302 and depends on desktop zooming.

Summary: Enable Visual Viewport API by default → Enable Visual Viewport API by default on Android

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