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Convert gmp-clearkey to use Chromium ContentDecryptionModule_10 interface


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Doing this would keep our widevine and clearkey interfaces in step, which is desirable to enable us to test the interface. It also avoids the scenario where we bump the widevine cdm headers and the interface clearkey is supporting is no longer in the headers (a medium term risk).

See bug 1417297 for the last time this was done.
Not much changed in the interface:
- CDM initialization takes a use hardware codecs arg, we pipe this through, but
  don't do anything more with it in the clearkey CDM.
- The CDM should call the hosts OnInitialized() when it's initialized. This is
  done is now done in the clearkey CDM once the session management is ready, as
  that is the last thing done during init.

Aside from the above, it's just updating interface usage. While the new CDM
interface adds support for different encryption schemes, this is not handled
here and will be done in follow up bug 1516673.
We weren't checking this value and it was causing compiler warnings. Instead
this change means we check the value and log an error if init has failed.

Depends on D15518
Pushed by
Update gmp-clearkey to use CDM10 interface. r=cpearce
Check init value of clearkey WMF decoder for failure. r=cpearce
Update fake-cdm to use CDM10 interface. r=cpearce
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