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-Wodr: C++ One Definition Rule violations in Firefox


(Firefox Build System :: General: Unsupported Platforms, defect, P5)

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Steps to reproduce:

I built Firefox with GCC 8 and LTO

Actual results:

I got warnings about ODR vilations

Expected results:

There should be no warnigs
Blocks: 1455279
Here is the kind of warnings:
/aux/hubicka/firefox-2018/release/security/ct/CTLogVerifier.h:29:7: warning: type ‘struct CTLogVerifier’ violates the C++ One Definition Rule [-Wodr]
Blocks: build-gcc-8
No longer blocks: 1455279
Summary: C++ One Definition Rule violations in Firefox → -Wodr: C++ One Definition Rule violations in Firefox
Component: Untriaged → General: Unsupported Platforms
Product: Firefox → Firefox Build System
Note that the log I attached is produced by GCC9 where I made the warning hopefully more understandable.  Some of issues are easy to fix because they are caused by misplaced forward declarations that should be in proper name-space.  I will try to get around preparing patch for them.
Blocks: build-gcc-9
No longer blocks: build-gcc-8
Priority: -- → P5

Hi! I am new here, how can I do to build Firefox with GCC 8 and LTO to replicate the warning?

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