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Use in-content/common.css in about:debugging


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Some about pages (like about:home) support dark theme. Maybe it's something we should do as well in about:debugging

Matt, could you check if dark theme support is something they want to push forward for all about:pages? Based on this information, we should discuss with Harald to see if we make it MVP or not.

Flags: needinfo?(mcroud)

Matt shared an about this during the standup. It is not entirely clear how this will be applied to all about:pages at the moment, so let's move it to m3+

Flags: needinfo?(mcroud)
Priority: -- → P3

After a conversation with Julian, using the common.css stylesheet is the way forward here. This isn't only about the dark theme, but also for future updates to common.css (such as bug 1693276).

There are certainly updates to common.css that can be done to make it easier to re-use for about:debugging, which I am going to file bugs for as well.

Summary: Support dark theme in about:debugging page → Use in-content/common.css in about:debugging
Depends on: 1693374

This is far from done, but feel free to finish it. There main issues are (they should be obvious as you try this patch):

  • category styling: I think common.css could be more flexible here and work with <img> instead of background-image, it would require work to about:addons, similar to bug 1693374

  • font-sizes: about:debugging uses an absolute font-size system which is incompatible with common.css relative font-sizes. FWIW relative is much better for accessibility.

  • ...just needs more work in general

Blocks: 1553064
Depends on: 1698358
Severity: normal → S3

about:debugging already supports dark mode, so this should not block the meta.

No longer blocks: dark-incontent-pages
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