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Make all tests initialize a search through a common UrlbarTestUtils method


(Firefox :: Address Bar, task, P3)





(Reporter: mak, Unassigned)



Currently tests can start querying the Urlbar in different ways, and they don't have a common path to listen for results and completion.
This means we need to expose lastQueryContextPromise from UrlbarInput, because when a test method is invoked it has no way to check if a query is running or complete.

Having something like UrlbarTestUtils.waitForQuery(stringOrFn); would allow to start listening for onQueryFinished before starting the query and properly manage the query life cycle inside UrlbarUtils.

Tentatively taking as I may do some of this as part of bug 1522489.

Assignee: nobody → standard8
Blocks: quantumbar-tests
No longer blocks: quantumbar

I forgot to comment on this. I think there's possibilities for simplification here, but it is going to be hard to do that whilst we still support the current address bar.

I think we should definitely do it, but not until after we remove the current address bar.

Assignee: standard8 → nobody
No longer blocks: quantumbar-tests
Depends on: quantumbar
Blocks: 1551227
No longer depends on: quantumbar
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Type: enhancement → task
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