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[meta] Port remaining urlbar tests to QuantumBar


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We should port the remaining Urlbar tests to QuantumBar where possible. The tests concerned are those in browser/components/urlbar/tests/legacy/.

Some of those may require functionality not present yet - so we'll need to ensure we have bugs for those.

This depends on bug 1520494 as in that bug we're adding some extra functionality to UrlbarTestUtils to handle both the legacy bar and QuantumBar.

We should also consider adding extra helper methods if necessary to hide the implementation of the input/view, e.g. for checking result lists or entries.

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Bug 1522489 - Rename some urlbar tests to better inform what they are testing. r?mak

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Just going to convert this to a meta... I think it makes sense.

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Summary: Port remaining urlbar tests to QuantumBar → [meta] Port remaining urlbar tests to QuantumBar
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This is now fixed. Tests that were disabled after porting due to not fully working have their own bugs filed against quantumbar-tests.

The few remaining tests in the legacy/ directory won't be ported as they aren't relevant to QuantumBar.

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