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Run a pref-flip experiment to ensure Process Priority Manager does not negatively impact page load or retention


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Brief description of the request:

We'd like to ensure that the Process Priority Manager doesn't have any negative impacts on page load time or user retention when enabled.

The pref that would need to be flipped is dom.ipc.processPriorityManager.enabled, set to true for treatment, and false for control. The only platform that should be tested is Windows Desktop, and the only releases that should be tested are 67+.

Link to any assets:

Bug 1476981 is the bug that enabled the Process Priority Manager on Nightly.

Is there a specific data scientist you would like or someone who has helped to triage this request:

Corey Dow-Hygelund or Felix Lawrence.

Hi Mike,

What is the desired timeline for this?

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(In reply to Jess Mokrzecki [:jmok] from comment #1)

Hi Mike,

What is the desired timeline for this?

Hi jmok,

We'd love it if we could run this experiment on the Beta population sometime soon after the next uplift, once Beta becomes 67. Perhaps late March?

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Hi joy! Is there anything else we need to prepare or do in order for this experiment to be ready to run on Beta 67 when it releases?

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The description looks okay but we would need an Experimenter page setup. Has that been started?

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(In reply to "Saptarshi Guha[:joy]" from comment #4)

The description looks okay but we would need an Experimenter page setup. Has that been started?

I've started putting one together at, but I think I need some help.

I'm unsure how big the population size needs to be. I'm unsure how big the branch sizes need to be. I've filled in the form as best I can (although some fields that I can fill can't be saved because there are other fields on the same form that I don't have good answers for, and they all seem to be required to save drafts... so I've left them blank).

Can you offer any guidance?

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Yes, this is what i'm here to do! Will work on this and get back to you.

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