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Pin FIrefox shortcut on taskbar for Windows 10 users


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After a succesful A/B test that demonstrated retention and engagement gains (see results on bug 1506648), we'd like to ship the capability to place a taskbar Firefox shortcut for Windows 10 new installs on release at install time, across all locales, for 32 and 64 bit installations.
This should ideally happen with Firefox 68.

To be clarified: do we need a command line parameter to disable this for enterprise scenarios?

I think we can do with within the 68 cycle, so prioritizing to indicate that.

(In reply to Romain Testard [:RT] from comment #0)

To be clarified: do we need a command line parameter to disable this for enterprise scenarios?

We already have a TaskbarShortcut parameter that does this (also in the MSI).

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For the record, this is the patch I'm going to land. It's identical to the patch in bug 1493597 except with the A/B testing switch removed, so I'm carrying over the r+ from there.

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Since this is a late addition to 68 features, Julien requested an exception from engg (JoeH), prod (NickN) and got an approval. We are good to land this in Nightly68 today.

If there are unexpected regressions due to this change, the risk mitigation would be to back out this patch promptly and well before 68 merges to Beta on May 13th.

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Support pinning to the taskbar on Windows 10. r=agashlin
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This is in the 68.0beta release notes as "Added a Firefox shortcut in the Windows 10 taskbar for new installations"

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See Also: → 1558206
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