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[meta] Burn down the number of XUL documents in tree


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I've got a script to track this at As best as I can tell, today we have 1406 test xul files and 129 non-test files.

We've built out initial top-level HTML window support (which will result in eventually shipping browser.xhtml in bug 1533881). Separately, we can start migrating the existing XUL test documents that don't test actual XUL stuff, and do some analysis on non-test documents to see what our options are there.

Some things to think about while moving test documents:

  • Handle file moves when tracking intermittents (test.xul->test.html should continue to link up known intermittents with test.xul in treeherder with test.html).
  • Clean up our boilerplate for mochitests (right now there's a lot of duplicate bug #s, unnecessary attributes, etc).

Some things to think about while moving non-test documents:

  • Make it easy to handle XULStore migration for persisted values.
Depends on: 1540285
Depends on: 1542543
Depends on: 1542877
Depends on: 1543834
Depends on: 1545496
Type: enhancement → task
Depends on: 1548152
Depends on: 1550801
Depends on: de-xul-elements
No longer depends on: de-xul-elements
Depends on: 1551344
See Also: → tb-de-xul
No longer depends on: 1542877
Depends on: 1579952
Depends on: 1580556
No longer depends on: 1545496
No longer depends on: 1579952
See Also: → 1579952

Closing this meta, since Bug 1550801 switched over all XUL files to load as HTMLDocument. Bug 1579952 will handle file renames.

Closed: 5 years ago
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Blocks: 1601110
Depends on: 1601113
No longer depends on: 1601113
No longer blocks: 1601110
Blocks: 1604299
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