Picture-in-Picture is broken for mini-players (Youtube, Twitch, CNN)




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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch Nightly
  2. Go to any website with mini-player available (Youtube, Twitch, CNN)
  3. Click on play for the video and enable the mini-player using the specific button or by scrolling down the page

Expected Result:
The PiP window should appear correctly on the right corner of the screen and display the video after it is loaded.

Actual Result:
The PiP toggle is displayed behind the mini-player buttons. The PiP window displays a single frame of the video or a white screen. Play and Pause buttons have no functionality.

Probably the best solution here is to disable the PiP toggle from the mini-player.

Part of the problem here is that the click on the toggle is being intercepted and interpreted by the miniplayer as a directive to go to the main video page. This happens in conjunction with opening the mini player's video in PiP. The miniplayer video is paused, and the main video page is what ultimately ends up playing.

At least part of the solution here is probably fixing bug 1545296, so that clicks in the toggle region don't get dispatched to the underlying content.

Depends on: 1545296
Priority: -- → P3

I noticed trying to enable PiP in twitch gets overriden by other css elements that twitch uses. A quick fix to allow PiP in twitch is to use ABP or ubo to hide the css element;


For PiP to work on twitch properly, the PiP icon should be inserted above other css elements.

The single-frame problem reported in comment 0 is now fixed, thanks to bug 1545296.

Showing the toggle for these players... I'm not sure what the best heuristic is to make that selection. Bug 1547795 might help.

Depends on: 1547795

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Resolved:WorksForMe based on Comment 3. The issue with the single-frame was fixed and verified on bug 1545296.

Closed: 20 days ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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