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Let remote 2D canvas ride the trains.


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84 Branch
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firefox-esr68 --- disabled
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firefox84 --- fixed


(Reporter: bobowen, Assigned: bobowen)




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This is to enable the remote 2D canvas functionality to ride the trains once any blockers are resolved.

Depends on: 1548492
Depends on: 1558117
Depends on: 1578475

According to our Firefox Trello, this is now targeting 72 so untracking for 71.

Depends on: 1572415
No longer depends on: 1558117
Depends on: 1599983
Depends on: 1614635
Depends on: 1630521
Depends on: 1607630
Depends on: 1633791
Depends on: 1638873
Depends on: 1639599
Depends on: 1639626
Depends on: 1639634
Depends on: 1639675
Depends on: 1635015
Depends on: 1637339
Depends on: 1641218
Depends on: 1641256
Depends on: 1641578
Depends on: 1644208
Assignee: nobody → bobowencode
Depends on: 1644575
Depends on: 1641722
Depends on: 1650829
Depends on: 1651116

With the latest changes things are looking good, but it's probably too soon to to be sure.

We could get those uplifted to 79 and turn this on for the rest of Beta and Release, but we don't actually get security benefits until all of the graphics device code is out of content, so I think leaving this until 80 makes sense.
There is a performance win (at least on some benchmarks), but that doesn't seem like enough of an argument for uplift given our 4 weeks cycles.

Depends on: 1656774

The fix for bug 1656774 and bug 1654477 will be in Fx83, where remote Canvas is enabled on early beta. If that looks good, it will roll out in Firefox 84.

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Let remote 2D canvas ride the trains on Windows. r=jrmuizel
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 84 Branch
Depends on: 1680473
Depends on: 1687276
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