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Right now we load image when there is an intersection observer event. I think we can also load them on idle, so it wouldn't impact performance, but also if the user scrolls after a second or two, the images are going to be ready.

Assignee: nobody → sdowne
Iteration: --- → 69.1 - May 13 - 26
Priority: -- → P1
No longer blocks: pocket-newtab-68
Iteration: 69.1 - May 13 - 26 → 69.3 - Jun 10 - 23
No longer blocks: pocket-newtab-69

Perceived performance improvement suggestion from mconley. Marking as P2 since it'll likely take time to refactor this old PR request, and it's not a blocker to going live.

Downside: It'll force everyone to download all images even if they don't scroll down.

There might be a better approach (ie start to download images as you get close to them). Marking as P2, and we'll reassess with roadmap planning.

Iteration: 69.3 - Jun 10 - 23 → ---
Priority: P1 → P2
See Also: → 1558312
Blocks: perf-tweaks
Component: Activity Streams: Newtab → New Tab Page

Since we landed optimistic image loading this might not be necessary. We should see if optimistic had any negative impact on initial load time, and if so maybe switch it off and move toward this solution instead.

I think this can morph slightly: we rolled back optimistic loading due to perf regression, but we could add it back and use the idle event as the trigger to initiate optimistic loading instead of doing it right away. I believe that would be the best of both worlds here.

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