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collapsed scrollbars should not trigger reflow


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Right now collapsed scrollbars trigger reflows, which is wasteful.  See bug
156522 comment 4, and the testcase on bug 156522.
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This patch actually works without the one from bug 156522.
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Keywords: perf
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patch, v 2.0

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patch, v 2.0

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I checked in the XBL changes, 2002-08-06 06:39 PDT, but I didn't check in the
nsGfxScrollFrame.cpp change because I noticed a problem that it causes when I
maximize a window showing (scrolled a bit from the top) a page that needs a
scrollbar at the small window size but not the large one.
Target Milestone: mozilla1.2alpha → Future
The problem with this patch still remains.
Depends on: 201435
Is this still relevant after roc's recent checkin?
I need to check...
Possibly related to Bug 451816?
Not related to that, no.
QA Contact: chrispetersen → layout
FWIW, I noticed recently while playing with performance tweaks on on Windows Vista/7 and visiting other bugs about reflow being triggered (the one with the test to count the # of reflow triggers).  

If the Windows setting to turn off 'show contents of window while drag' is unchecked, it reduces the reflow to 'one time' if just resizing the browser window then let go.  But, it reflows 'continuously' while resizing the window with the Windows setting enabled.

So currently it appears that Firefox gives users this instantaneous effect that where we see the size/layout of the all browser content in order to adjust to maximum viewing pleasure.
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Priority: P2 → P3
Moving to p3 because no activity for at least 1 year(s).
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