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Consider switching the layout debugger to use e10s


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Right now the layout debugger loads resources in a non-e10s <browser>.

It'd be safer, but also probably less convenient in some ways to have it load things in a remote browser instead. bug 1565965 comment #3 suggests we would ideally switch to using e10s. OTOH, based on , it seems some folks prefer having something single-processed to help with debugging.

I don't know to what degree switching to a single-child-process (so e10s-enabled) layout debugger would hamper debugging - I suppose it's somewhat less annoying than "real" Firefox but probably more annoying than the current non-e10s state.

I don't really have a horse in this race, but it seemed worth getting a bug on file seeing as I couldn't find any.

I think having e10s is more convenient when debugging in rr, because then all the stuff you care about is in its own process!

Adding remote="true" to the <browser> element is enough to make it use a content process, but all of the nsLayoutDebuggingTools methods that need to poke at the docshell, e.g. for frame tree dumping, need another mechanism to ask the content process to do the work.

Many of these features are non-functional these days, but I'll keep them
hooked up in case we decide to fix them.

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One thing I only just noticed after uploading the patches is that I can no longer view file: URLs with these changes, unless I turn off sandboxing. I think that the file: URL is being loaded in a regular Web content process, and not a file: content process. Also when I load say about:config, that also gets loaded in the content process.

Gijs, do you know what I might need to do beyond using remote="true" on the <browser> to cause URLs to be loaded in the expected process?

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I think maybe I need to do some things similar to _loadURI in browser.js.

I've worked it out.

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Part 1: Remove some unused nsLayoutDebuggingTools code. r=dbaron
Part 2: Merge nsILayoutDebugger functionality into nsLayoutDebuggingTools. r=dbaron
Part 3: Move debugging state management into layoutdebug.js. r=dbaron
Part 4: Use message manager to send layout debugger commands to content. r=dbaron
Part 5: Use a remote browser in the layout debugger. r=dbaron,Gijs
Part 6: Undo the insecure URI loading exception for the Layout Debugger. r=dbaron
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Fix ESlint failure on a CLOSED TREE
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