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Support stopping and stopped transceivers


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Per w3c/webrtc-pc#2220.

This solves the BUNDLE footgun, and in the process deprecates the JS-observable tc.stopped transceiver property in favor of a new "stopped" enum value in tc.direction and tc.currentDirection.

Firefox will likely continue to expose the stopped property for a release or two for backwards compatibility until we have telemetry numbers for it that justify deprecating it.

This is largely updated already in documentation, but there is some review to do, and IIRC I held off pulling the trigger on a few bits until it actually hit the spec proper. We may need to review some examples throughout content to change this.

On a related note, but not part of this work: we should review our documentation to start shifting some of it from using addTrack() to working with transceivers directly, as this is the new hotness.

Keywords: dev-doc-needed

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Byron and I agreed it makes sense to tackle as well, as part of this work. That is: remove stopped transceivers from pc.getTransceivers() in SRD(offer).

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Docs team: will not ship in 70.

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