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Move about:logins strings to a localizable directory


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The strings for about:logins are currently not being localized. They will need to be moved so localizers can start translating them.

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Move about:logins strings to a localizable directory. r=fluent-reviewers,Gijs,Pike,MattN
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Blocks: 1569807

So, this broke beta today, even though the attachements have not landed on Beta, here is what happened and why.

  • L10n repos have a merge of l10n strings from all trees, and localizes work from this merged state when creating updates for any release (e.g. beta)
  • This landing on central caused browser/locales/[en-US]/browser/aboutLogins.ftl to become available for localizers
  • Some localizers translated aboutLogins.ftl, causing that file to be present in their repositories.
  • On central-only this patch removed an explicit add to the .jar file from the in-gecko-repo copy of aboutLogins.ftl (this removal didn't happen on beta)
  • On both beta and central we use globs to find any *.ftl file in the locale repository to include the ftl files for the build
  • On locales with aboutLogins.ftl translated this caused us to have a manifest add for aboutLogins.ftl due to both the glob and the explicit add on beta.

And then beta broke because the code cannot cope with this state.

I fixed this over in Bug 1569807 by reverting the locale updates so we could confidently unblock todays beta, however we will need a better fix to land on beta/l10n-repos/something to address this in time for Thursdays Go-To-Build for beta.

Sending a n-i to flod and jaws to discuss and address. I'll be available to discuss as well incase there are any questions/concerns.

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Redirecting to pike, given that's a technical question. We need to be able to take updates to beta, and that will include aboutLogins.ftl in some locales.

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FTR bug 1569892 was filed for this build issue.

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