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Analyze how Treeherder retriggers selected jobs


(Tree Management :: Perfherder, task, P3)


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Provide here an overview of this mechanism, so we now how to integrate it in Perfherder as well.

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Looks like JobModel.retrigger(jobs, repoName, notify, times) is the main API we have to use.
Basically, we only need to know the perf jobs we want to retrigger & their repository.
This findings should suffice reusing this functionality on FE.

One weird thing I see: it appears repoName is not used inside this static method. :camd why is that? Could I just remove this parameter from this function signature?

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Yeah, it's a bit of a vestigial artifact. We don't need it anymore, but some of the endpoints require it. I have been trying to remove the need for it as we go. And, yes, you're right. That call doesn't even use it now. :) So please feel free to remove it from retrigger as well as the other functions where it's no longer used.

I should have removed that before, but somehow forgot to do so...

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