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Allow Users To Control How Many Pocket Stories Are Displayed in New Tab


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  • Firefox 69 New Tab layout displays 3 columns and 7 rows of stories, without the option for users to select how many rows are displayed.
  • Provide the option for users to choose their preferred New Tab layout.
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Summary: Allow Users To Control How Pocket Stories Are Displayed in New Tab → Allow Users To Control How Many Pocket Stories Are Displayed in New Tab

@wolasi - can you give us some UX specs for this during 71 nightly for consideration for Engineering for 72? (There's a lot to consider here with today's version vs. future layouts and how we want to approach this)

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I see a control for rows preference in Developer Edition but not in Nightly. That's strange!

I think the code at lines 103-107 of AboutPreferences.jsm (dxr) may be causing this:

100  handleDiscoverySettings(sections) {
101    // Deep copy object to not modify original Sections state in store
102    let sectionsCopy = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(sections));
103    sectionsCopy.forEach(obj => {
104      if ( === "topstories") {
105        obj.rowsPref = "";
106      }
107    });
108    return sectionsCopy;
109  }

Similar code for Highlights was removed in bug 1559536 (Fx69). What happens if these lines do not run? Does that section get the rows control just like Highlights? (Sorry, I have no idea how to test such things myself.)

Also, maxRows could be increased to 7 here:

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