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No-sampling profiling follow-up: Write regression test for "nostacksampling"


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Bug 1549482 introduced a no-sampling mode.
Manual testing showed that it's not producing stack traces as expected, which should be good enough for early adopters.

It would be good to write a proper regression test that inspects the output json to verify that no samples are produced.

Bug 1583430 may change the way the no-sampling mode is triggered, which may influence this test.

Bug 1583868 adds an explicit "nostacksampling" feature, which we want to test.

(Bug 1583430 will now focus on the popup, so it's independent from this test.)

Depends on: 1583868
No longer depends on: 1583430
Summary: No-sampling profiling follow-up: Write regression test → No-sampling profiling follow-up: Write regression test for "nostacksampling"

stopProfilerAndGetThreads() waits until at least one sample appears in the
main thread, before capturing a profile and stopping the profiler.

stopProfilerNowAndGetThreads() does not wait; this should be useful in tests
that may not generate any samples (e.g., using the nostacksampling feature).

Depends on D49231

Assignee: nobody → gsquelart
Pushed by
stopProfilerNowAndGetThreads doesn't wait for samples - r=julienw
Don't wait for samples in marker-only tests - r=gregtatum,julienw
Test "No Stack Sampling" feature - r=julienw
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