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Remove source code for the Provider for Google Calendar


(Calendar :: General, defect)

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The code for the Provider for Google Calendar has been moved to This bug is about removing the code from comm-central.

Attached patch Changes minus removals - v1 (obsolete) β€” β€” Splinter Review

I'm not going to torture you with the full patch file. It was about 8k lines, most of which were just removed files. Aside from the changes in this patch I removed:


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Changes minus removals - v1

r+, but please also remove these references to avoid breaking the build.

Edit: stupid lack of formatting.
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Hi Philipp, please let me know how to land this after comment #2 as addressed. You want to push it together with bug 1579020 including the actual removals?

I just noticed there's also a line in mail/ which will need removing.

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Here are the additional changes. Not sure why I didn't see the mail/ and taskcluster/ references. Uploading this FYI, will upload a complete patch in a sec.

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Hey JΓΆrg, I've attached a full patch in v2. Let me know if you want a try run before it goes into the tree.

I'll handle it from here, thanks. Note the last minute change we did in bug 1563003 and also some changes we didn't do, bug 1584122 comment #2 and bug 1584648 comment #4.

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Remove source code for the Provider for Google Calendar. r=darktrojan

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The Debian changelog entry indicates " The removal of this Add-On from the Thunderbird source was discussed within
this issue:" - can someone please elaborate here ?

Not sure what you're asking. It was a personal add-on that for historical reasons lived in the comm-central source tree. The add-on still exists, but is now on github instead. So basically nothing changed, just where the code for the add-on can be found.

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