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netwerk/test/unit/test_parse_content_type.js fails when run as part of the Thunderbird Xpcshell tests


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This is similar to bug 1582086 and bug 1585193. The answer is to switch the tests off:

According to Mark Banner (bug 1582086 comment #1) the tests fail since TB doesn't have telemetry, but in fact it's ought to have since bug 1427877.

Ben, can you please take a look what's going on here. We can't go around switching off tests here and there.

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It's a case of a test relying on a telemetry probe which isn't enabled under Thunderbird (The histogram definition for NETWORK_CROSS_ORIGIN_STYLESHEET_CONTENT_TYPE doesn't include "thunderbird" in it's "products" list).

The perfect opportunity to try out the new bypass-the-product-check-for-testing preference flag that Chris added in Bug 1579752!
The attached patch works for me, although I'm not so happy about how verbose it is. I think it's likely that quite a few more of these cases will pop up over time, so it'd be nice to keep the pref twiddling code nice and unobtrusive. Improvement ideas most welcome!

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Thanks for the comments, Valentin. I'm unsure whether to land the approved revision with the toolkit.telemetry.testing.overrideProductsCheck pref, which seems to be there for the purpose, or do the subtest disabling the "classic way" with { skip_if: () => AppConstants.MOZ_APP_NAME == "thunderbird" }.

I'll let you guys work it out.

Since you already wrote it I guess we can go ahead and land it. The probe will expire in a few releases anyway, so we'll have to remove the test eventually.

I hope someone ran linting in this ;-) - Landed it now.

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Fix test_parse_content_type.js under Thunderbird. r=valentin

Slightly more concise version for the json_cache_... tests.
I suspect the registerCleanupFunction() bit could be ditched (each test file gets it's own profile dir, and thus it's own prefs, right?).
But it seemed more polite to clean up the preference once done.

jorgk: I did run eslint over the previous patch (and this new one).

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