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Profiler not reading android symbols


(DevTools :: Performance Tools (Profiler/Timeline), defect)

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Firefox 71
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(Reporter: jnicol, Assigned: gregtatum)




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The about:debugging profiler, connected via USB to an android device, is not reading the symbols from my local android build properly. I have correctly added the objdir to the local build section.

I used mozregression on the desktop version of firefox, and found this regression range: (bug 1581975 presumably)

This is on Linux, and I'm profiling a local build of geckoview_example. The phone is a Pixel 2 running android 9. I think it also affects non-local builds too, because I originally tried to use mozregression on geckoview_example rather than the desktop browser, but even old versions of that (along with an up to date nightly on desktop) didn't show symbols

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The function had the wrong argument parameters, and it wasn't
fetching the latest list of objdirs.

Hey jnicol, could you please try the patch locally and see if this fixes the problem for you? If yes I'll land it before Greg comes back from PTO to unblock you.

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Hi Julien, I can confirm the patch fixes the problem.

Thanks both of you!

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Fix the multi-modal getSymbolTable; r=julienw
Closed: 10 months ago
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