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Fix getSymbolTable code for popup to be consistent


(DevTools :: Performance Tools (Profiler/Timeline), task, P2)



(firefox71 fixed)

Firefox 71
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firefox71 --- fixed


(Reporter: gregtatum, Assigned: gregtatum)


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Currently the popup is using the DevTools getSymbolTable code rather than the popup code WHEN CLICKING THE UI. The shortcuts use a different codepath, and use the frame scripts. This means that when clicking on the UI the profile will take longer to capture, as it will not be gzipped in an ArrayBuffer.

In addition, the getSymbolTable code in DevTools is using browser code in the client code.

Blocks: 1566920
No longer depends on: 1566920

The popup's shortcuts use a different codepath than the popup's buttons.
When using the buttons, the profile was not being captured as a gzipped
profile, and it was using the DevTools' mechanism for getting the symbol
tables. This patch makes the getSymbolTables mechanism configuring in the
recording panel's client.

In addition, browser code made its way into the client. This patch moves
the browser code to all be in browser.js to match the original code
organization for the panel, which was trying to keep browser APIs
out of the React components and Redux store.

Component: Gecko Profiler → Performance Tools (Profiler/Timeline)
Product: Core → DevTools
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Factor out the getSymbolsTable browser code from client code; r=julienw
Pushed by
Factor out the getSymbolsTable browser code from client code; r=julienw
Closed: 2 months ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 71
Regressions: 1588086
Regressions: 1590115
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