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Update thumbnailer tests to use modern primitives


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Firefox 72
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The thumbnailer tests use an old-school handrolled TestRunner thing with yield and generators, and a bunch of helpers that have been superceded by stuff in BrowserTestUtils.

This is blocking us from getting bug 1576911 landed, since those tests are failing because they're using those old flake-y primitives. We shouldn't update those old mechanisms, we should just wholesale more over to more modern primitives.

Blocks: 1592079

This test is race-y, and doesn't actually ensure that the migration has completed
before doing its checks.

When I modified the test to wait for the migration to complete, the test actually
failed. Which isn't great news.

The good news, however, is that the migration took place back in Firefox 21, and
so we can probably remove all of the migration code now.

I'm disabling the test for now, and filed bug 1592079 to remove the migration code
and test completely.

Significantly, we remove the TestRunner stuff since we have nice things like
add_task now.

Depends on D50850

Priority: -- → P2
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Disable browser_thumbnails_storage_migrate3.js. r=Gijs
Update thumbnailer test utility functions. r=Gijs
Update thumbnail tests to use more modern primitives, like add_task. r=Gijs
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 72
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