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Temporarily disable the megabar design


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Firefox 72
72.1 - Oct 21 - Nov 3
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We collected enough feedback for this redesign round, thus until we get a new finalized design spec we prefer to disable the current design. We'll activate it again in Nightly when we'll be ready for the next feedback round.

(In reply to Marco Bonardo [:mak] from comment #0)

We'll activate it again in Nightly when we'll be ready for the next feedback round.

Will it still be possible to force enable it with browser.urlbar.megabar in Nightly?

yes, absolutely.

I think I will re-enable it for myself then. The results list was neat from day 1.

Only the (focused) address bar was too big, but it was improved and now it's almost good. (You even did bug 1589923. <3)
The address bar was so immensely big it seemed like you wanted to test how 'politely' feedback to such an absurd size could be. xD

The new search icon looks a bit misplaced, but it makes sense to combine search and address bar in some way - at least for users who opted for a seperate search field and had keyword.enabled;false: This way they don't send anything by mistake to a search engine and get the nice large results list even for search. But at first I thought the new search icon meant on-site search, but it was self-explanatory.

Just for a comparison, it would have been interesting to see how it would have looked without an enlarged address bar and without the additional search icon.

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Disable the megabar redesign until the next design iteration. r=adw
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