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TB shows new updates available, even the latest update was installed


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Steps to reproduce:

I migrated TB 32bit to TB 64bit

Actual results:

After migration from 32 to 64 bit Thunderbird didn't update automatically when a new version was released. When the latest version has been installed manually, TB shows that a new version is available (messagebox at the right top), but the version control under "help | about..." shows, there is no new version available.
But! "help | about..." also shows "no updates" when updates are available!

Expected results:

No Download-Message for new versions, when nothing is available.
TB should update automatically update itself or with interaction at "help | about ..."

OS: Unspecified → All
Hardware: Unspecified → x86_64
Summary: TB shows new updates available, even the latest update is installed → TB shows new updates available, even the latest update was installed

I've seen some other reports of this too, but don't know why that would happen.

How did you migrate from 32->64bit, and from what version to which version? Did you do manual install, or automatic? Into which install folder Program FIles or Program Files (x86)?

I really can't exactly remember from what 32bit version I migrated to the 64bit. Maybe it was 67.x.x.
I migrated in that way: Downloading the 64bit TB and installing over the 32bit version.
My TB installation ist not on the c: partition (because it SSD), its on D:

Hi, I have the same problem as Enduro67.
The 64-bit version was installed in my directory "program files". The old 32-bit version was in the directory "program files (x86)". When re-installing the 32-bit version to the 64-bit version, the "program" directory has been updated, not "program files (x86)"...

Problem ist solved by a entry in Kaspersky Internet Security exception list

Hi, Enduro67,
ah, I also have Kaspersky Internet Security. Where and what I have to enter at Kaspersky Internet Security? THX...

Sorry I've only the german gui, So it may different to your menuitems


place here the value "" and add it.

Hallo Enduro67,
vielen Dank! Wir "kennen" uns ja aus dem TB-Forum und dem seinerzeit geschlossenen dortigen ersten Thread zu dem Thema. Dort wurden wir ja von den TB-Profis noch als "Einzelfälle" belächelt: wie sich nun zeigt, ist es auch ein "internationales" weiterreichendes Problem. Schön, dass nun eine Lösung gefunden wurde.
Beste Grüße I. Eggers

Genau! Und es lag nicht am Profil! Schade nur, dass Mozilla und Kaspersky das nicht alleine geregelt bekommen ...

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