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Check the webcompat overrides again if documentURI changes


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When the document itself changes a new docState will be created, but if the page is using the history API then the documentURI can change without the need to create a new docState.

If the matcher has a path then this could mean the position is stored for all subsequent videos on that domain.


  1. Have this matcher: "https://**": TOGGLE_POLICIES.TOP,
  2. Go directly to a video that matches that (open a new tab and put the URL in).
  3. Go to some other video on twitch.

Expected Results:
The PiP button is in the default position.

Actual Results (or, expected actual results?):
The PiP button's position is still cached since it's only set once per document.

Yeah, this is a problem. Good catch. We should probably get this patched and maybe uplifted before we try putting any policies into the webcompat add-on.

Assignee: nobody → mconley
Blocks: videopip
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Does this issue reproduce now that we have overrides? I haven't seen it myself.

I actually think this is the root cause behind the Netflix toggle bug. I believe if users land on the Netflix browse page, the "hidden" policy is applied to all videos (per policy here:, but then upon choosing a video, the history API is used instead of a full page navigation. This causes the policy to "transfer" even though the URI has changed.

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Re-evaluate Picture-in-Picture toggle overrides if the documentURI changes via the history API. r=mstriemer
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Duplicate of this bug: 1653265
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