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Implement DOM.resolveNode


(Remote Protocol :: DOM, task, P1)


(firefox76 fixed)

Firefox 76
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firefox76 --- fixed


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(Depends on 1 open bug, Blocks 3 open bugs, )


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Before we get this API implemented bug 1607560 is required because Puppeteer depends on it's returned backendNodeId.

Priority: P2 → P3

Yes, and as noted on bug 1607560, the implementation of resolveNode also depends on writing an element store.

Whiteboard: [puppeteer-beta-reserve] → [puppeteer-beta-reserve][puppeteer-high-priority]

This needs to be kept as P2 given that it has a very high usage, which is identical to DOM.describeNode (bug 1607560). I will swap out bug 1612538 into reserve.

Priority: P3 → P2
Whiteboard: [puppeteer-beta-reserve][puppeteer-high-priority] → [puppeteer-beta-mvp][puppeteer-high-priority]

I cannot get the Puppeteer unit tests to correctly work with my additions for DOM.describeNode. So I will include this API and will push everything at once at the end.

Assignee: nobody → hskupin
Priority: P2 → P1
Depends on: 1623297

As discussed with Joel yesterday via Matrix, the object as returned is always a copy of the original object as referenced by the same nodeId/backgroundNodeId. As such we the method has to look for an existing DOM node in any of the known execution contexts, and create a new object inside the specified execution context.

That means DOM nodes are uniquely tracked across contexts, but objects will always be duplicated.

Blocks: 1625417
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[remote] Basic implementation for DOM.resolveNode. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
[remote] Update puppeteer unit tests and expectation data. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
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