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[css-images] Consider changing initial value of 'image-orientation' to from-image


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A resolution was made for csswg-drafts/#3799.

[css-images] Consider changing initial value of 'image-orientation' to from-image

  • RESOLVED: Accept proposal with an added note current solution is experimental and may change


Chrome is shipping the change to make from-image the initial value in Chrome 81 so now may be a good time for us to make that change too.

Priority: P3 → P2

Looks like WebKit also landed this change, three days ago:

If we land this now, it will make it to Firefox 74 which is released on March 10. The Chrome 81 release is on March 17, so if we want to wait for Chrome's experience to see that this change is safe, we should hold off landing until 75.

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Change initial value of image-orientation to from-image. r=emilio
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Posted site compatibility note for web developers.

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It turned out Chrome 81 already shipped this change (and broke Slack) so there’s no reason for Mozilla to stop shipping. This rather needs to ride Firefox 77 along with other Exif-related changes (Bug 1566316, Bug 1616169, Bug 1616411, Bug 1630165).

No longer blocks: COVID-19
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