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Thunderbird not changing automatically to day/night Mac auto theme


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Steps to reproduce:

TB themes set to default theme to follow theme set by Mac Auto theme which changes with day and night. Problem with TB is change from night to day.

Actual results:

Problem with TB is change from night to day where TB remains in partial dark mode. Can be eliminated by changing to light theme and then back to default, but reoccurs the next morning.

Expected results:

TB should follow Mac auto theme from night to day.

Component: Untriaged → Theme

I imitated it with a short night shift duration and see no problem. Please can you add a screenshot how it looks after the change to daylight? Does this partial dark mode stay when you restart TB?

Screen shot attached of default day screen. I can change to the light theme by enabling the light theme and then the default theme (keeps light theme). This does not change back to the dark screen by enabling dark mode and then default mode - in fact keeps light theme. Restarting TB keeps day screen. No problem in evening of move from day to night mode.
Mac Catalina 10.15.2

Screenshot of day theme as default mode after change from light to default

Hmm, here it works flawlessly. Alessandro, what do you see?

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I think I'm having a whole other problem.
Manually switching the macOS settings from dark to light correctly updates the Thunderbird Theme.
If I set the theme to Auto in macOS, and then manually change night shift to force night time, the OS doesn't update at all unless I log out and back in. Thunderbird follows along.
On my end it seems that Thunderbird follows the settings of the OS correctly, but the OS doesn't properly follow the night shift settings.
I'm on macOS Catalina 10.15.2

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Hmm, tricky that it's not on every system the same. Firefox has some issues too, see bug 1558086. As we use the toolkit code from Mozilla, we can't do too much here and have to wait, and hope, FX finds a solution.

Severity: normal → S4
Depends on: 1558086
OS: Unspecified → macOS
Summary: Thunderbird not updating automatically to day/night Mac auto theme → Thunderbird not changing automatically to day/night Mac auto theme

Reporter, do. you still see this when using version 78?

Whiteboard: [closeme 2021-03-20]

Resolved per whiteboard

Closed: 3 years ago
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Whiteboard: [closeme 2021-03-20]
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