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search across all address books fails


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(thunderbird74 unaffected)

Thunderbird 75.0
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thunderbird74 --- unaffected


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Eckard can you reproduce this?

I'm using Nightly build on Mac, but I'd bet it also happens with beta.
Open address book
It opens to All Address Books
Put in a search term that should only have one or two hits

Actual Results: ALL address book entries are listed
Expected results: Only one or two hits

This doesn't happen on Windows (beta, I didn't test nightly). I'm guessing this caused by the presence of the Mac Address Book, in connection with the AB rewrite. Regression?

Is there a way to disable the display/use of the Mac AB? I couldn't find it, and I couldn't delete it from TB preferences.

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You can delete/recreate the Mac address book from the menu of the address book window. I couldn't make this happen on Mac with 74beta2, but I can on 75, which makes more sense given bug 1614265.

… or should be able to, but that appears to be broken since I last looked at it. :-(

Depends on: 1617799

Also on Windows searching through all Address Books doesn't work (only TB ABs, no LDAP or Winsows AB). I have to switch to a Address Book to make the search working.

Priority: -- → P1

I confirm that the search in "All Address Books" doesn't work in Thunderbird Daily 75.0a1.
It still works in Thunderbird 74.0b1.
Running macOS 10.14.6

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I can see what I broke. Fixing it should be interesting…

Assignee: nobody → geoff

When the concept of a root address book was removed, we lost a way to send the search URI to the tree view. I've put it back and added a test to hopefully stop it happening again.

Regressed by: 1614265
No longer regressed by: 1572324

Pushed by
Fix searching across all address books. r=mkmelin (via chat)

Closed: 1 year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 75.0
Version: Trunk → 75
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