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Recreate address book manager in javascript


(MailNews Core :: Address Book, task)

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Thunderbird 75.0


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I'm shifting the manager code to javascript and removing the factories model to vastly simplify the code. Although the new version closely resembles the old version (that was the intention) it will be much easier to modify and add features to.

This revision recreates the manager only for the JS directory type. Other types
will be added in later revisions. As such, a number of tests are marked as
failing. Other code has been adjusted due to XPCOM behaving differently when
not crossing from C++ to/from javascript.

Also deleting a directory now notifies listeners after the file (if any) has
been closed and removed, instead of immediately.

This required some adjustment in the C++ implementation of these types.

The Outlook directory factory interface has been repurposed to do the minimum
required - talk to the MAPI code and find directories. Outlook (really Windows
Contacts) has been enabled by default.

Depends on D62394

Pushed by
Implement nsIAbManager in javascript. r=mkmelin
Move escapedVCardToAbCard from nsIAbManager to nsIMsgVCardService. r=mkmelin
Remove old nsAbManager implementation. r=mkmelin
Reinstate Mac OS, Outlook, and LDAP directory types. r=mkmelin

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