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Message pane: when prefers-color-scheme: dark is set use the approriate colours


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With Message prefers-color-scheme: dark set, the composer has already a dark editor background. The message pane still shows the the white background. For more consistency we should use also a dark background when we show a message which hasn't set the background colour.

This implements the same logic as bug 1622695. I moved code from composerOverlay.css to messageQuotes.css to apply on both, the composer and the message pane. And I made messageQuotes.css shared, all styles are now the same for all platforms.

When we use the dark background on message pane and mail.citation_color is on default, then citations are almost invisible because the default is #000. What do you think, should I change the default to #007cff? This is the value we use now in dark composer. With this the text is good readable on dark and light background. Or would you propose a other colour?

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Can you try this patch on many messages to check if we regress somehow? I already know that event invitations have white text on white background. When we land this patch I'll file a bug for Calendar.

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For standard messages this looks very good.
Unfortunately quoted text in standard messages don't look readable as it seems like we force a color black on those.
I'm attaching a screenshot.
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The message body reads normally and it's properly styled, but the quoted text is not readable as it comes with inline style.

Yes, this is what I wrote about mail.citation_color. The user can set it manually in Prefs > General > Plain Text Messages, the colour button.

Okay, now with the pref set to #007cff. When the user has set a different colour we don't overwrite it.

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The UI looks good to me, thanks
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Message pane: when prefers-color-scheme: dark is set use the approriate colours. r=mkmelin ui-r=aleca

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