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[meta] Platform support for the new print preview design


(Core :: Print Preview, task, P1)





(Reporter: jwatt, Unassigned)


(Depends on 6 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta, Whiteboard: [print2020])

This bug is for tracking work that the platform teams need to do in order to support the new print preview design.

Depends on: 1631449
Depends on: 1631452
Depends on: 1631460
Depends on: 1631465
Depends on: 608012
Depends on: 1140929
Depends on: 117233
No longer depends on: 608012
Depends on: 1643529
Depends on: 1650886
Depends on: 1651112
No longer depends on: 1650886
No longer depends on: 1631465
Depends on: 1651947
Depends on: 1652408
Depends on: 1653354
Depends on: 1657006
Depends on: 1657515
Depends on: 1657550
No longer depends on: 117233
Depends on: 1652270, 1655746
Depends on: 1657763
Depends on: 1636728
Depends on: 1658299
No longer depends on: 1658299
Depends on: 1659856
Depends on: 1602410
Depends on: 1659005
Depends on: 1660602
Depends on: 1660686
Depends on: 1661339

Also depends on Bug 1636728 (see Bug 1660739 Comment 24)

Yes, that's in the blocker tree.

Depends on: 1661975
Depends on: 1662038
Depends on: 1662302
Depends on: 1665779
Depends on: 1665792
Depends on: 1665830
Depends on: 1665819
Depends on: 1665816
Depends on: 1684093

How to get the same print screen preview for pdf using a template? currently, I am using velocity in Liferay. I am doing report generation using velocity, worked fine in chrome, but Mozilla print preview remove all CSS when ctrl+p button press?
Is this of CSS issue or Mozilla specific configuration needed to add?

Hi VK - I'm not familiar with the issue you're describing, but this isn't the right place to discuss it in more detail -- this bug report has a specific tracking purpose, and it's not the right place for general questions about printing.

If you've noticed a behavior difference between Firefox and Chrome and it seems like a bug, you can file a new bug here:
...with a description of the problem, steps to reproduce the issue, and other relevant details.

You could also try asking in our web-chat channel at ; someone there might be able to help. (That channel is mostly focused on Firefox development, but depending on your question, it might be the right place to ask or alert us to an issue.)

Alternately, you could use the "Ask the community" button at and someone from the support community may be able to help.

The new print-preview design has shipped; we can close this.

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