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[css-pseudo-4] Animations on ::marker?


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A resolution was made for csswg-drafts/#4814.

[css-pseudo-4] Animations on ::marker?

  • RESOLVED: allow transitions on ::marker and allow animations with animations happening and animation rules applying the style


Component: Layout → CSS Transitions and Animations
See Also: → 1636562

We already support ::marker animations, so closing as WORKSFORME.

Closed: 5 months ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME

Sean, as of 78.0a1 (2020-05-13) this hasn't shipped; where can I track that?

::marker does not support animations with layout.css.marker.restricted=true (the default).

This bug should make ::marker support animations with layout.css.marker.restricted=true, but only the allowed properties should be animated.

With layout.css.marker.restricted=false, ::marker already supports animations with arbitrary properties.

Resolution: WORKSFORME → ---

Oh, I thought we had already shipped this. ::marker animations were enabled in 68 beta (admittedly, the last time I checked this).

Mats: With this resolution can we flip the pref? Or is there a fair work to be done to restrict to the allowed properties.

Flags: needinfo?(mats)

I'm pretty sure we shipped ::marker in 68. However, in bug 1552578 we restricted the set properties that could be used with it and shipped that in Firefox 69. (Hence why CSS animations on ::marker worked in 68 but don't now.)

In this bug I think we just need to add animations and transitions properties to the set of allowed properties (i.e. add the various applies_to_marker: true / APPLIES_TO_MARKER annotations).

Unfortunately bug 1552578 didn't apply the property restriction to Web Animations, but we have bug 1636562 for that.

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Marking this as S3 for now.

Severity: -- → S3
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Blink is preparing to ship this:
(And the spec has finally been updated with the resolution to add these properties.)

Assignee: nobody → brian

This should probably be blocked by bug 1636562 since otherwise we can effectively set properties on ::marker that shouldn't be allowed by using an animation (see attachment 9163925 [details] for an example).

Depends on: 1636562
See Also: 1636562

(In reply to Brian Birtles (:birtles) from comment #12)

One of the test failures here is because we don't treat text-combine-upright as non-animatable.

Keywords: dev-doc-needed

As per the following change to the spec:

The additional failure annotation is added because we don't currently treat
text-combine-upright as non-animatable and this patch exposes the existing bug
(bug 1654195).

(In reply to Brian Birtles (:birtles) from comment #13)

(In reply to Brian Birtles (:birtles) from comment #12)

One of the test failures here is because we don't treat text-combine-upright as non-animatable.

Filed as bug 1654195.

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Allow animations and transitions on ::marker; r=boris
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