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[De] nav_help.xhtml: Typos


(SeaMonkey :: Help Documentation, defect, P5)


(seamonkey2.53? affected, seamonkey2.57esr? affected)

Tracking Status
seamonkey2.53 ? affected
seamonkey2.57esr ? affected


(Reporter: RainerBielefeldNG, Assigned: frg)


(Blocks 2 open bugs)


(Keywords: good-first-bug, Whiteboard: SM2.53.3)


(4 files)

Steps how to reproduce with installation of unofficial (by wg9s) De SeaMonkey 2.53.3beta 1 pre Mozilla/5.0 (NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0 Build 20200510220906 (Default Classic Theme, newly created User Profile) on German WIN7 64bit

  1. Browser → F1
    » Help appears
  2. Type search string "Im Internet navigieren" → Click first hit "Im Internet navigieren"
    » Related Help appears

You will find some misspelled words:

Benützung →
(multiple times in text)

am unteren rechten Fenstereck, können Sie →
am unteren rechten Fenstereck können Sie

chronik →

Sidebar-Tab Chronik →
Sidebar-Tab Chronik“

Es öffnet sich die "Chronik-Liste" →
Es öffnet sich die „Chronik-Liste“

"BearbeitenSeaMonkey" →
(several times in the text)

Webseite zB ein Formular enthält →
Webseite z. B. ein Formular enthält

Ihrem Browser indem Sie sich →
Ihrem Browser in dem Sie sich

brandShortName; →
This seems to be a broken variable? Text should be „SeaMonkey“

auf "Google Search nach "digitale Fotografie" durchsuchen" am →
auf „Google Search nach "digitale Fotografie" durchsuchen“ am

von seinem aktuellen Cursorpunkt →
von seiner aktuellen Cursorposition

Der Cursorpunkt ist normal dort, →
Die Cursorposition ist normalerweise dort,

um vom Cursorpunkt aus →
um von der Cursorposition aus

Lesezeichen-Manger →

enhält nicht →
enthält nicht

auszuschliessen →

entsprechend Ihrer Suche gefilter →
entsprechend Ihrer Suche gefiltert

so das zB Bilder →
so das z. B. Bilder

haben Strg-clickauf das Bild →
haben Strg-click auf das Bild

Ouml;ffnen Sie →
Öffnen Sie
(multiple times in text)

die Grö#223;e der Speite →
die Größe der Seite

Prozent-Wertern →

automtisch →

daß →
(several times in Text)

Orginal-Größe →

Orginalgröße →

Verhälttnis →

representiert →

Plug-Ins →
(several times in text)

Installiation →

seperat →

detailiert →

dannach →

folgendende →

Anschliessend →

schliessen →

Benutzerdefinerte →

sodass →
so dass

Lesezeihen →

Schliessen →

unaktuell →

a) Info: I consider German Help as some kind of de-DE (Mozilla does not distinguish different spelling rules in different countries with German language.

b) Additional hints to keyboard differences between different OS

  • „CmdAlt+Pos 1.“ is Mac only, should we also mention combinations for other OS?
  • „CmdStrg+ L“ – as above.
  • Cmd+ ShiftStrg+H – as above.
  • CmdStrg+R. – as above.
  • CmdStrg+ Shift+R. – as above
  • CmdCtrl – as above
  • CmdStrg Shift+G – as above
  • CmdStrg+ B – as above
  • CmdStrg+H – as above

Reasons for strikethrough see Comment 2!

Rainer, were you viewing the nav_help.xhtml file "externally"? I can't see CmdStrg or BearbeitenSeaMonkey in WG9s' 2.53.4 DE 20200602[...] through the help viewer or via a chrome:-URL (<chrome://communicator/locale/help/nav_help.xhtml>), but I do see these if I open nav_help.xhtml as an external file. (The Mac--non-Mac differences are controlled by css styles in <chrome://help/content/platformClasses.css> (imported via helpFileLayout.css) which are not loaded in the latter case.)

(In reply to Nuno Silva from comment #1)

Rainer, were you viewing the nav_help.xhtml file "externally"?

Nuno , I do the spell check based on the external files, but always when I see something more sophisticated than a simple typo I switch to the real build in help in SM for further tests; in theory, at least. It seems that in this case I was careless or I forgot to switch to build in Help or it was something with that particular build (I doubt)? I can confirm your observation with unzipped installer of unofficial (by wg9s) De SeaMonkey 2.53.4beta 1 pre Mozilla/5.0 (NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0 Build 20200529210001(Default Classic Theme, newly created User Profile) on German WIN7 64bit:
No string "Cmd" in all help. So (b) is completely nonsense here.

Just a bit of advocacy:

Personally correct typographic quotes can go the way of the dodo for me :) Not on the keyboard and just a nuisance to type in. I always use normal double quotes and let others correct me if they can't stand it. From things I now see in corporate and other documents grammar is no longer in fashion anyway...

The German help files need abig overhaul but by a native speaker unfortunately. I try to fix something now and then but bogged down with other things. If someone does text changes I am happy to do correctly formatted patches and also r+ them.

This handles "Ouml;ffnen", "Grö#223;e" and "brandShortName;" in German nav_help.xhtml, and also fixes a "brandShortName;" in the Hungarian translation.

Attachment #9154519 - Flags: feedback?(iann_bugzilla)
Attachment #9154519 - Flags: feedback?(frgrahl)
Assignee: nobody → nunojsg
Ever confirmed: true
Comment on attachment 9154519 [details] [diff] [review]
l10n de,hu nav_help.xhtml: add some missing ampersands

f+ on the long lines / &brandShortName; changes, frg will have to confirm the others
Attachment #9154519 - Flags: feedback?(iann_bugzilla) → feedback+
Comment on attachment 9154519 [details] [diff] [review]
l10n de,hu nav_help.xhtml: add some missing ampersands

Looks good. The German Druckvorschau section has some other problems and also tabs and trailing spaces in. I will fix this while we are at it.
Attachment #9154519 - Flags: feedback?(frgrahl)
Attachment #9154519 - Flags: feedback+
Attachment #9154519 - Flags: approval-comm-release+
Attachment #9154519 - Flags: approval-comm-esr60+
Whiteboard: [easyconfirm] → SM2.53.3
Version: SeaMonkey 2.53 Branch → Trunk

de patch for checkin into our gitlab repos

hu patch for checkin into our gitlab repos

Blocks: 1655261

Please check out Bills next l10n de build. If you don't find any new typos I suggest we close this bug and move the remaining parts to a follow-up. There are probably still a ton of fixes needed.

Assignee: nunojsg → frgrahl
Attachment #9166129 - Flags: feedback?(RainerBielefeldNG)


I don't have any review skills at all, but I tried. I think my review might be 80% reliable - not 99%

My Results

  1. I can confirm that the patch does not contain any of my found typos in words. More or less, I had some difficulties to find typos (did not find "clickauf ", "Speite", or fixes).
  2. It seems that wrong english quotation marks "" have not been transrerred to German ones „“?
  3. Patch contains several abbreviations 'z.B'; should be 'z. B.' with a blank in it

I found new typos:

örtlichkeit -->

Zertifizierungssstelle -->
(more than 1 times in text)

Zertitikate -->

ansehn -->
(severaltimes in text)

Austeller -->

aufbaun -->

Techniche -->
(more than 1 times in text)

"enthŒlt" für me has result "enthŒlt" --> should be

daß -->
(more than 1 times in text)

Zertifkat-Manager -->

Zertifiakt -->
(more than 1 times in text)

aktzeptieren -->

permanet -->

Für detailierte - Informationen bei der Benutzung von Zertifikaten -->
Für detaillierte - Informationen bei der Benutzung von Zertifikaten

I have to stop here because of missing time. Can continue later.
@frg, @ Nuno Silva: Is this way of review useful for you?

Attachment #9166129 - Flags: feedback?(RainerBielefeldNG)

The current 2.53.4 German de help files are here:

Would help me the most if you could change them directly. The files are located here:
You can send them to me for doing a proper patch or add them here.

Despite stated otherwise last patch really fixed a bunch of issues. Was not 1MB fluff :) I don't want to add typographic quotes. They are a nuisance when editing and afaik no one does them in the help fies.

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