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New wpt failures in /html/canvas/element/ [text-styles/2d.text.font.parse.size.percentage.html, text-styles/2d.text.font.parse.size.percentage.default.html, text-styles/2d.text.font.relative_size.html, and 10 others]


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(Depends on 1 open bug)


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Syncing wpt PR 23998 found new untriaged test failures in CI

Tests Affected

Firefox-only failures

Canvas test: 2d.text.font.parse.size.percentage: FAIL
Canvas test: 2d.text.font.parse.size.percentage.default: FAIL
Canvas test: 2d.text.font.relative_size: FAIL
Testing fontBoundingBox: FAIL
Canvas test: 2d.drawImage.incomplete.reload: FAIL
Canvas test: 2d.composite.operation.clear: FAIL
System fonts must be computed to explicit values: FAIL
Canvas test: 2d.pattern.image.incomplete.reload: FAIL
Canvas test: 2d.text.font.parse.complex: FAIL

New Tests That Don't Pass

drawImage with zero-sized source rectangle draws nothing without exception: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
Testing width advances: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
Testing baselines: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
Testing emHeights: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)

CI Results

Gecko CI (Treeherder)
GitHub PR Head


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Component: DOM: Core & HTML → Canvas: 2D

So there are a lot of tests tracked by this bug, so I think work should be done in dependent bugs. There are a few tests here that seem interesting:

  • html/canvas/element/drawing-images-to-the-canvas/2d.drawImage.incomplete.reload.html: This one interacts with image loading and thus doesn't seem super-easy.
  • html/canvas/element/text-styles/2d.text.font.parse.complex.html seems like a bug in the test that expects a particular serialization, so the test should be patched instead of Firefox changed.
  • html/canvas/element/pixel-manipulation/, this one seems trivial to fix, and is the first one I'd try.

Tests can be looked at in, where there are links to run the test and so on. Interesting tests are the one that pass in at least one other browser and that we fail.

It seems like, for example, for the last one CanvasRenderingContext2D::CreateImageData should check for zero after clamping to int, rather than before.

I checked the tests on
It seems that the following tests pass now:

  1. /html/canvas/element/drawing-images-to-the-canvas/2d.drawImage.zerosource.html
  2. /html/canvas/element/drawing-text-to-the-canvas/2d.text.measure.advances.html

Rest are all still failing, I'm starting work on them

Depends on: 1684689
Depends on: 1685141
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